Lee Min Jung Talks About Her Husband Lee Byung Hun on tvN’s ‘You Quiz On the Block’

Lee Min Jung Lee Byung Hun
Lee Min Jung Lee Byung Hun
Credit: tvN

Lee Min Jung guest appeared on the March 16th episode of tvN’s You Quiz On The Block.

In the episode, �Lee Min Jung gushed about her husband Lee Byung Hun. She said, “We have a great understanding of each other as we pursue the same path. I love having him around because he is someone with a greater experience than mine who could help me with making important decisions.”

When Jo Se Ho asked if Lee Byung Hun is hot in person as he is in his movies and dramas, she replied, “There are times when he just looks incredible. But since I live with him every day, I get to experience his ordinary and untidy side as well.” Jo Se Ho then said, “His voice is so mesmerizing that even a guy like me would fall in love with him. Tell us about what it’s like waking up to his voice every morning.” Lee Min Jung said, “He doesn’t always talk to me in that mesmerizing low voice. When we are together, I hear more of a high-pitched voice from him. But it’s alright because I tend to forget and let go of everything when the argument is over.”

She added, “I don’t easily get stressed by anything. He is a kind-hearted person who tends to give in when I confront him head-on. He is softer than he looks”.

Yoo Jae Suk then jokingly asked, “I want to hear his side of the story, too. Do you think he will be cool with it?” Lee Min Jung replied, “I mean, I treat him nicely after venting out my anger. I’m a type of a person who does not hold a grudge on someone.” Then the MC asked what she hears the most from the actor. She made a witty response by saying, “He always tells me ‘I told you a lot before!’ because I tend to forget what he said to me.”

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