Unmasking Netflix’s New Series ‘Mask Girl’: A Sneak Peek at the Press Stills

Netflix Mask Girl
Netflix Mask Girl
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has released press stills from its new series Mask Girl.

This new series depicts the tumultuous journey of Kim Momi, an average office worker plagued by appearance insecurities. By night, she hides behind a mask as an Internet broadcast jockey (BJ) and gets entangled in unexpected events.

Eager viewers are curious about the rookie actor playing the role of the first Kim Momi – a normal office worker who craves attention and affection behind her mask. She offered a compelling insight into her character, stating, “As she ventures precariously into unknown territories, her longing to be loved and accepted for who she truly is, are seen in her actions.”

Nana decided to participate in the series due to its “strangely captivating blend of reality and fantasy.” She plays the second Kim Momi, who attains her dream appearance after a murder. Nana sympathized with the life of Momi, who “can’t find the exit no matter how hard she struggles.”

Go Hyun Jung plays Kim Momi in prison, who’s now more commonly called “Mask Girl” or “Prisoner 1047.” The actress shared, “The moment I read the scripts, I thought this is going to be hard. But that was immediately followed by ‘I want to take on this challenge.'”

Netflix Mask Girl
Credit: Netflix

But the intense drama is not solely driven by the three actresses portraying Kim Momi. Ahn Jae Hong plays Jo Oh Nam, an office worker whose only joy is watching Internet broadcasts after work. He introduced his character as a “dual figure, who wishes to erase his existence at work during the day but desires to express his presence in his own world at night.” His shocking transformation has certainly buzzed the anticipating fans of the project.

Yeom Hye Ran plays Kim Kyung Ja, a mother who starts a relentless search for her missing son. “While the extraordinary energy of the character Kim Kyung Ja was intimidating, it was also fascinating,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mask Girl will be released on Netflix on August 18th.

Source: Netflix

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