‘King the Land’ Episode 14 Recap: Junho and YoonA Face Crisis After Their Relationship Gets Revealed

king the land recap
Credit: JTBC

In Episode 14 of JTBC’s King the Land, Goo Won (played by Junho) and Sa Rang (YoonA) faced a crisis as their relationship was exposed to the public.

A picture of the two embracing each other made headlines, causing a stir on the Internet. Goo Won came across the articles and tried to protect Sa Rang’s identity from being revealed online. However, all his efforts went down the drain due to Goo Hwa Ran’s (Kim Seon Young) scheme. Meanwhile, Goo Il Hoon (Son Byong Ho) stripped her of all her positions upon discovering her intention to bring her younger brother down by scandal.

Chairman Goo also asked Sa Rang to stay at the King Tourist Hotel, a place where employees who have made mistakes were usually sent until things were settled. However, she didn’t inform Goo Won about it as he had an important event to attend.

Upon his return from a business trip, Goo Won hurried to King the Land to see Sa Rang, but she was nowhere to be found. When he asked employees about her whereabouts, he received no answers other than the fake smiles on their faces, which triggered traumatic memories from his childhood. Despite facing emotional turmoil, he eventually discovered that Sa Rang was at the King Tourist Hotel.

He went off to see Sa Rang but soon encountered his mom, Han Mi So (Nam Gi Ae), on his way. Viewers are curious about what will happen next as he finally meets his mother, whom he has missed for a long time.

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