Junho’s Dazzling Performance in ‘King the Land’ Sparks Gu Won Syndrome

king the land junho
king the land junho
Credit: JTBC

On the JTBC weekend drama King the Land, Junho is captivating audiences with his portrayal of Gu Won, a character with a diverse emotional range that has ignited a phenomenon known as the “Gu Won Syndrome.”

Gu Won, with his initially prickly demeanor and distaste for insincerity, finds love a foreign concept. However, his journey into the new world of romance and the subsequent return to joy has made audiences’ hearts race. His interactions with his love interest are particularly compelling, where Junho’s signature tender gaze beautifully complements the romantic plotline.

What’s more eye-catching is Gu Won’s striking sartorial choices. He dons an array of vibrant suits, from challenging hues like pink and yellow to standout accessories, and nails every look. This impeccable style reflects Junho’s dedication to the character, where he even altered his physique to create the perfect silhouette.

Yet, the real charm lies in Gu Won’s unexpected character traits that shine through his clothes and grace. His playful side and skittishness in certain scenes, like getting terrified in a frightful atmosphere, provide a delightful contrast to his robust exterior. This trait showcases Junho’s ability to infuse a comedic touch to his otherwise serious role.

king the land junho
Credit: JTBC

As the drama unfolds, Gu Won’s leadership role puts him in an intense rivalry with his half-sister, Gu Hwa Ran (Kim Sun Young), over the management rights of the King Group. His approach to leadership – prioritizing employees over profits – infuses an exciting tension into the narrative. This plotline highlights Junho’s skills as he creates palpable on-screen dynamics with his co-stars, adding depth to their relationships.

Despite Gu Won’s seemingly unyielding demeanor, the character harbors deep-seated pain revolving around the abrupt disappearance of his mother. The emotional turmoil of longing, sorrow, anger, and finally, joy when he hears about his missing mother from the person he loves is poignantly portrayed in Gu Won’s tearful moments. These scenes allow Junho’s evocative performance to shine, as he seamlessly blends a variety of sentiments, evoking empathy among viewers.

Further contributing to the appeal of the character is Gu Won’s impeccable manners. He has even earned the nickname “A Man Any Parents Would Love” for his respectful behavior towards the elders and those he cares for. In one memorable scene, he personally instructs a guest on basic table manners, adding a delightful touch to the narrative.

Overall, Junho’s nuanced performance in King the Land continues to expand the spectrum of Gu Won’s charm. As the drama reaches its climax, all eyes are on the actor, whose meticulous attention to detail is anticipated to further elevate the plot and his character’s narrative.

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