PICK: A Glance at Ok Taecyeon’s Best Dramas

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Edited by Seo Hayne
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

Once setting fans’ hearts aflame with his shirt-ripping performance in the “Heartbeat” stage in 2009, Ok Taecyeon is now dazzling audiences as a captivating “half-human vampire” in a drama bearing the same name as the song. With porcelain skin, crimson lips, and an impressive physique, Taecyeon’s portrayal of a timeless vampire has hearts racing. Here, we delve into some of the standout roles that have made audiences’ pulses quicken.

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Blind (2022)

A riveting mystery thriller, Blind unravels the quest for the true perpetrator behind a string of murders targeting jurors post-trial. Taecyeon takes center stage as Detective Sung Jun, wrongfully accused of the heinous crimes. Sung Jun seeks the chilling truth, alongside his stoic judge brother, Sung Hoon (Ha Seok Jin) and impassioned social worker Eun Gi (Jeong Eunji). Adding to the suspense, hints suggest that our virtuous detective may harbor psychopathic tendencies. Taecyeon’s portrayal of Sung Jun, a man obsessed with his investigation even while being chased, is notably compelling, particularly showcasing his duality of righteousness and lurking eeriness.

Royal Secret Inspector Joy (2021)

Royal Secret Inspector Joy offers a comic fusion of historical drama with a sprinkle of romance. Taecyeon plays Ra Yi Eon, the reluctant and lazy nobleman who doesn’t even care about getting promoted, and stars opposite Kim Hye Yoon, playing Kim Joy, a woman fighting against the customs of the Joseon Dynasty. The duo takes on corrupt officials and thieves while subtly developing feelings for each other. Despite this being Taecyeon’s first attempt in the historical genre, his performance was quite stable – from being a charismatic inspector to showing a comically vulnerable side around Joy.

Vincenzo (2021)

In Vincenzo, we witness the riveting tale of an Italian mafia lawyer (Song Joong Ki) who, betrayed by his organization, joins forces with a feisty attorney (Hong Cha Young) to dismantle the nefarious Babel Group. Taking on a villainous role for the first time, Taecyeon unveils a fresh side of his acting prowess. Introduced as the naive Jun Woo at first, harboring a crush on Cha Young, a shocking twist reveals him as the true mastermind behind Babel. With a particularly ruthless and cold-blooded demeanor, Taecyeon stirs up anger as he stops at nothing to achieve his desires, regardless of the means and methods used. His portrayal of receiving the Mafia-style “pig blood baptism” devised by Vincenzo and Cha Young, and meeting a brutal demise at the hands of Vincenzo leaves a strong impression. As Vincenzo became a turning point in his acting career, Taecyeon successfully underwent an image transformation and took a leap forward as an actor.

Save Me (2017)

Based on the webtoon Out of the World, Save Me delves into the dark and enigmatic occurrences in a village ensnared by a cult. In the show, Taecyeon plays Sang Hwan, who senses the eerie transformation after returning to his hometown. Sang Hwan bands together with childhood friends Dong Chul (Woo Do Hwan), Jung Hoon (Lee David), and Man Hui (Ha Hoe Jung) to rescue his first love, Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji), from the cult’s clutches. The intense and dark storyline, reminiscent of actual cult incidents in Korea, garnered widespread attention and praise. Taecyeon’s heartfelt portrayal, especially as it was his last role before military enlistment, garnered much acclaim.

Dream High (2011)

Dream High spans two seasons, focusing on the dreams, loves, and friendships of high school students. Taecyeon starred in the first season alongside celebrities like Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun, Ham Eun Jung, Wooyoung, and IU. Portraying Jin Guk, an illegitimate child of a wealthy man, Taecyeon embarks on a new life at Kirin Arts High School. His character’s evolving feelings for first love Hye Mi (Suzy) and the ensuing love triangle with Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) added depth to the storyline. Challenging his second acting project following Cinderella’s Stepsister, Taecyeon shone with his impeccable dance skills and his portrayal of a wounded soul seeking solace.


Editor Seo Hayne: I like actors as they faithfully lead through their long running-time. I also like idols who accomplish everything on stage within 3 minutes.

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