‘Heartbeat’ Episode 10 Recap: Won Ji An and Ok Taecyeon Begin to Fall for Each Other

heartbeat episode 10
Credit: KBS

In the 10th episode of KBS’s Heartbeat, Sun Woo Hyeol (played by Ok Taecyeon) and Ju In Hae (Won Ji An) began to recognize their feelings for each other.

In Hae couldn’t understand Woo Hyeol’s confession about needing to consume her love-filled blood to become human, and her cold response left him feeling puzzled.

Shin Do Sik wanted Woo Hyeol to stay away from her as his feelings for In Hae grew stronger. Therefore, he met Woo Hyeol privately and asked him to leave In Hae’s side.

Woo Hyeol proposed to In Hae that he would leave the mansion if she gave him her blood. In Hae felt saddened by the idea that Woo Hyeol only wanted her blood and was willing to leave.

Na Hye Won (Yoon So Hee) saw Yoon Hae Sun (Yoon Soo Hee), who looks exactly like herself, in the family registry that Ri Man Hwi (Baek Seo Hoo) brought to her. Hye Won then visited the Shaded Oasis to find out what really happened to Woo Hyeol and became puzzled hearing that Hae Sun had died a long time ago.

Hye Won suggested In Hae throw a party to promote the guest house and help her grow closer to Woo Hyeol. Woo Hyeol went to a tailor shop owned by Kim Gwang Ok (Jung Young Ki) to get a suit for the party and heard about the mysterious story of In Hae’s father who has been missing for years. 

As the party began, Do Sik searched for vampires around Woo Hyeol. Meanwhile, In Hae approached Woo Hyeol, saying, “I like this place because you are here.” He later noticed her being awkward around people at the party and suggested dancing together.

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