The 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards Jury’s Verdict: Park Ji Hoon and Shin Ye Eun Steal the Spotlight

2nd blue dragon series awards winners
Blue Dragon Series Awards vote
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The 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards revealed the rigorous judging process. A group of experts participated in the first round of evaluation to determine the candidates. For the final round, six judges and one netizen vote were combined to conduct a fair assessment.

Park Ji Hoon and Shin Ye Eun both secured the Best New Actor and Actress awards for their remarkable performances in Weak Hero Class 1 and Revenge of Others, respectively. Park Ji Hoon received a total of seven votes, including those from viewers. The judges praised him, saying, “Park Ji Hoon impressively expressed a wide range of emotions with depth at a remarkably young age. He excels in both intense action and emotional scenes, maintaining impressive performances throughout.”

The competition was fierce between Shin Ye Eun of Revenge of Others and Cha Joo Young from The Glory, but Shin Ye Eun clinched the award with four votes, one more than Cha Joo Young. The judges expressed their anticipation for Shin Ye Eun, saying, “With the recent change in the younger generation of actresses, we are excited to see how Shin Ye Eun will grow in the industry.”

Blue Dragon Series Awards vote
Credit: Sports Chosun

Lee Dong Hwi won the Best Supporting Actor award for his unique portrayal of Yang Jung Pal in Big Bet, while The Glory’s Lim Ji Yeon took home the Best Supporting Actress award, receiving all six votes from the judges. The judges praised Lim Ji Yeon for creating a sensation with her role as ‘Yeon Jin’ during the first half of the year, applauding her powerful and iconic performance.

Blue Dragon Series Awards vote
Credit: Sports Chosun, Yonhap News

Ha Jung Woo of Narco-Saints and Suzy of Anna won the prestigious Best Actor and Actress awards. The judges couldn’t help but praise Ha Jung Woo, noting that he skillfully maintained both the comical elements and suspense throughout the show. As for Suzy, the judges remarked, “No one else could have portrayed the role as powerfully as she did.”

Blue Dragon Series Awards vote
Credit: Sports Chosun

The Best Drama and Variety Show awards went to Big Bet and Siren: Survive the Island. Big Bet proudly won the trophy for “keeping the suspense until the end while telling Cha Mu Sik’s (played by Choi Min Sik) story from a first-person narrative,” with a total of five votes.

Song Hye Kyo was awarded the grand prize after a fierce competition. During her acceptance speech, she tearfully said, “Well done, Hye Kyo,” and the jury unanimously agreed that The Glory wouldn’t have been the same without her.

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