‘King the Land’ Episode 10 Recap: Junho and YoonA Share Another Romantic Kiss on Thailand Trip

King the Land ep 10 recap
King the Land ep 10 recap
Credit: JTBC

The episode 10 of JTBC’s King the Land unfolds with Goo Won (played by Junho) and Cheon Sa Rang (YoonA) deepening their bond.


As they embark on their first overseas trip as a couple, Goo Won openly shows his affection for Sa Rang by choosing to sit right next to her on the plane. The two freely express their love for each other, creating an endearing moment. Their excitement is evident despite being accompanied by their employees and colleagues as they embark on their first-ever trip together filled with joy and happiness.

The two lovebirds seize a precious moment under the cover of darkness, revealing their affection after their friends doze off. Meeting in secret, they hush their breaths to enjoy blissful moments together.

As the journey continues, a new romantic current forms with the addition of Lee Ro Woon (Kim Jae Won), Oh Pyeong Hwa’s junior colleague.

Meanwhile, Goo Won finally achieves a precious moment alone with Sa Rang to exchange their candid thoughts and feelings. As Sa Rang opens up about her fear of losing something dear, Goo Won provides comforting encouragement. Likewise, upon hearing Goo Won reveal his childhood trauma, Sa Rang responds with words of love and support.

The episode ends with the two making a wish upon the full moon and sharing another romantic kiss.

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