‘King the Land’ Episode 8 Recap: Junho and YoonA Share a Breathtaking First Kiss

king the land ep 8
king the land kiss scene
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>> Breaking: Junho and YoonA Started Dating Even Before ‘King the Land’?

Episode 8 of JTBC’s King the Land set screens ablaze with Goo Won (played by Junho) and Chen Sa Rang (YoonA) sharing a breathtaking first kiss. The episode reached an all-time high, securing an impressive nationwide viewership rating of 12.3 percent.

In the latest episode, Goo Won and Sa Rang proved to be the ultimate dynamic duo, flawlessly representing King Hotel while attending to their VIP guest, Anupam Tripathi, with utmost care and respect.

After completing his busy day, Goo Won decides to rent a fancy suite for Sa Rang, who has worked tirelessly. Filled with gratitude, Sa Rang proposes the idea of going to the Han River together and introduces him to the delightful world of late-night snacks.

Meanwhile, Goo Won makes up his mind to confess his feelings to Sa Rang before it’s too late. However, he ends up getting caught in the middle of a conversation with Sa Rang’s friends – Oh Pyung Hwa (played by Ko Won Hee) and Kang Da Eul (played by Kim Ga Eun). They give him dating advice, and Pyung Hwa’s words, “If you don’t say it, she won’t know,” inspire Goo Won to make a move.


Goo Won asks out Sa Rang, saying, “Let’s have a talk, just the two of us,” and her heart flutters once again at Goo Won’s meticulous care and thoughtfulness.

While romance fills the air between the two of them, the situation takes an unexpected turn as the fire show Goo Won prepared sets off the sprinklers. Undeterred, he proceeds to approach Sa Rang, and at that moment, they share a beautifully romantic kiss.

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