Junho and YoonA Spells Love in the Air in Coming Episodes of ‘King the Land’

king the land preview
king the land preview
Credit: JTBC

After the first half of playful bickering, King the Land, starring Junho and YoonA, has turned the tide towards a sweeter narrative of romance.


JTBC’s weekend drama King the Land reached a turning point with a thrilling kiss between Gu Won (Junho) and Cheon Sa Rang (YoonA). It thus sparked the beginning of the second act, which presents an irresistible mix of unfolding romance and intensifying battle for inheritance within the King Group.

First and foremost, viewers should brace themselves for the budding romance between Gu Won and Cheon Sa Rang. Now that the green light is on for both, they are diving into the world of office romance. The transparency in their emotions and the trust they build by revealing their scars to each other will solidify their relationship, enabling it to weather any storms.

As Gu Won’s perspective broadens through interactions with people from different walks of life, the struggle for the King Group’s inheritance turns even more intense. Gu Won, who initially showed no interest in management, changes his mind when he realizes his sister Gu Hwa Ran (Kim Sun Young) has been exploiting his employees for her own ambitions. But Gu Hwa Ran is an experienced player in the corporate world, posing a tough barrier for Gu Won, who is just establishing his foothold as a department head.

Hence, the question arises: can Gu Won protect his employees, including Cheon Sa Rang, and uncover traces of his missing mother, overcoming the challenges posed by Gu Hwa Ran?

Adding another layer to the enjoyment, the vibrant friendship chemistry among the six friends promises to deliver new delights. The six characters, brimming with individuality, are bound by their common ground – working in the King Group, and are set to exhibit unique synergies. The complex intertwining of love and friendship among them is an exciting subplot to look forward to.

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