Troye Sivan Dumbfounded at How Jennie Casually Introduced Herself: “Oh, I’m in a Band”

Credit: Troye Sivan’s Instagram

Troye Sivan recently made a guest appearance on the YouTube channel of viral TikTok sensations and beloved dancing duo, Brooke and Jessie.

The video titled “DANCING WITH TROYE SIVAN & spilling the tea on BLACKPINK’s JENNIE” instantly captured the attention of fans, as Sivan spilled the beans about his collaboration with BLACKPINK’s Jennie on his HBO series, The Idol.

During the engaging conversation, Brooke seized the opportunity to inquire about Sivan’s experience working with Jennie, prompting him to share intriguing details about their first encounter. Sivan recounted, “I was like, ‘Oh, where did you come from?’ and she said she just flew from wherever, like some crazy place, and I was like, ‘Oh, nice. Was it work or a holiday?’ and she’s like, ‘No, work. I’m in a band.’ And I was like, girl… She said she’s ‘in a band.’ Oh my god.”

As the conversation flowed, the duo expressed their admiration for Jennie’s humble nature. Sivan further revealed that Jennie mentioned growing up in New Zealand, which immediately struck a chord with him due to the similarities between New Zealand and Australia. The duo also mentioned that Jennie’s bandmate Rosé is actually from Australia, and Sivan excitedly revealed that he has met Rosé in person as well.

Reflecting on Jennie’s appearance, Sivan couldn’t help but gush about her beauty. “She’s like so so so so beautiful. It’s wild,” he shared, while Brooke chimed in, noting that even the unedited Getty images of Jennie showcase her stunning features and flawless skin.

The video rapidly gained traction across social media platforms, consequently sparking widespread interest and lively discussions among fans. Fans eagerly shared and expressed their thoughts on the conversation, generating diverse reactions to Troye Sivan and Jennie’s collaboration on The Idol.

Source: Youtube Channel brookie and jessie

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