Netflix ‘Zombieverse’ Gets August Release Date and New Trailer Starring Park Na Rae, Lee Si Young and More

zombieverse netflix
zombieverse netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has unveiled a thrilling teaser trailer for its upcoming variety show, Zombieverse, along with the highly anticipated release date.


Zombieverse is a survival show set in Seoul, where a zombie virus outbreak has run amok. The upcoming reality TV show features an exciting cast, including Lee Si Young, Noh Hong Chul, Park Na Rae, DinDin, Tsuki, Yoo Hee Kwan, Jonathan, Patricia, Hong Sung Woo, and DEX. Tasked with daunting missions, the cast members of Zombieverse must outsmart the undead and strive to survive against all odds.

zombieverse netflix
Credit: Netflix

The teaser trailer kicks off with chaotic scenes of zombies wreaking havoc in the heart of Seoul. Caught in moments of desperation and fear, the ten cast members navigate through the unexpected outbreak of a zombie apocalypse. The cast members dash through bustling markets, remote rural areas, and an amusement park, desperately searching for essential supplies in a city overrun by the undead. No matter where they turn, the relentless zombies appear, heightening anticipation for the grand scale of the upcoming show.

Park Jin Kyung PC of My Little Television and The Three Ants teased, “Zombieverse promises a refreshing twist, delving into the perspectives of both survivors and the zombies. There will be a wide array of zombies, from those riding bumper cars to Vikings at an amusement park. This unique approach will provide a thrilling and entertaining spectacle for audiences to enjoy.”

Zombieverse will be available on Netflix on August 8th.

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Source: Netflix

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