Hyeri and the Cast of ‘Victory’ Raise Anticipation for Korea’s First Cheerleading Movie

hyeri new movie
hyeri new movie

The filming for the movie Victory (director Park Bum Soo) has wrapped up. And the lead actors, including Hyeri, have shared their experiences and sentiments about completing the project.


Victory is Korea’s first movie about cheerleading. It tells the story of the “Millennium Girls,” a cheerleading team based in Geoje in 1999. The film portrays the girls’ passionate cheers expressed through dance and music, presented in various settings such as practice rooms, sports fields, the beach, and stadiums.

Hyeri played Pil Sun, a high school student who stumbles upon cheerleading by chance. “During the filming, I was able to truly feel the vigor and passion of youth,” she reflected, adding, “I think a wonderful piece combining the end-of-the-century sentiment of 1999 and the scenery of Geoje will be created.” Hyeri further expressed, “I particularly look forward to the cheerleading scenes we worked hard on. I would like to express my gratitude to the Millennium Girls members, all the actors, and the staff who helped create this great work.”

hyeri new movie

Park Se Wan took on the role of Mi Na, Pil Sun’s dance partner. She reminisced, “I chose this project based solely on the warmth I felt from the script. While portraying Mi Na, I felt warmth throughout.” She continued, “As we gave our best, on the last day of filming, I could cheerfully shout ‘Goodbye, awesome Mi Na!’ I will cherish these beautiful memories.”

In addition to these two, Victory features a plethora of unique newcomers. Jo Aram, Choi Ji Su, Baek Hi, Kwon You Na, Yum Ji Young, and more completed the Millennium Girls team.

Director Park Bum Soo highlighted, “The set was filled with energy, mirroring the movie. While making a movie about cheering, I saw a lot of staff and actors supporting each other. This genuine support is indeed the strength of our movie.”

Meanwhile, Victory is currently in post-production.


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