Song Ji Hyo’s Former Agency Fails to Pay Her Once Again


UZUROCKS, the company representing Song Ji Hyo, has once again delayed paying the settlement fee owed to her.

Despite the agreed-upon payment date of June 25th, the company stated that they couldn’t provide payment for her as the bank is closed on Sundays.

A source from UZUROCKS stated to TV Report on June 23rd, “It’s true that we had promised to pay Song Ji Hyo on the 25th. However, since the 25th happens to fall on a Sunday, we’ve encountered a slight delay in the payment. I do believe that her legal aide has already been informed about this delay.”

However, Song Ji Hyo’s legal representative contradicted this statement, denying any knowledge of the delay being communicated to them or Song Ji Hyo.

This is not the first time UZUROCKS has postponed the payment. Various media outlets have reported multiple instances of delayed payments since April, citing different reasons. According to the company, Song Ji Hyo was supposed to be paid at the end of April. However, she was told to expect payment on May 1st, which happened to be Labor Day. However, even on May 1st, the payment was not made, leading the actress to file a lawsuit against the agency on May 2nd for unpaid wages. Although she was then informed that she would be paid on May 10th, the promised payment date was delayed once again.

The outstanding amount owed to Song Ji Hyo is $754,043, and the company’s employees have also not been paid. The agency’s explanation for the unpaid settlements is that they are currently facing financial difficulties. They claim to be close to securing investment and assure that everything will be resolved soon.

Additionally, Song Ji Hyo filed charges against Park Joo Nam, the former CEO of UZUROCKS on May 24th. She claimed that CEO Park Joo Nam embezzled $942,879, which she made through endorsements during her contract with the agency.

Meanwhile, Uzu Rocks has claimed that they have not breached the payment date for Song Ji Hyo’s settlement fee. On the 23rd, the company’s rep told OSEN, “Song Ji Hyo and the employees will be paid on June 30th.”

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