Expert Analysis: Is ‘The Glory’ Villain Park Yeon Jin a Psychopath?

the glory yeon jin
the glory yeon jin
Credit: tvN

In a recent episode of KBS’s Problem Child in House, criminal psychologist Professor Park Ji Sun broke down the psychopathic potential of The Glory character Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon).

Asked whether psychopathy is innate or acquired, Prof. Park explained, “All human behavior can change depending on genetics and upbringing. From a young age, children must learn the importance of not causing harm to others. It’s not only child abuse that’s problematic; not disciplining a child for wrongdoing is also an issue.”

The hosts brought up the character Park Yeon Jin from the show The Glory, questioning her potential as a psychopath. Responding to this, Prof. Park commented, “I get asked this question a lot. According to the criteria of a psychopath test, I don’t think her score will be high enough to make her a psychopath. Yeon Jin has no criminal record, and there’s no record of her actively leading any malicious acts.”

She continued, “There’s a scene in the last episode where she gives a weather forecast for her cellmates, and she gets all emotional. A real psychopath would keep a straight face and handle the situation well. But among Yeon Jin’s characteristics, the characteristic to manipulate others and inflict pain without emotional disturbance align with traits of a psychopath.”

Prof. Park expressed concern over the excessive fear people have about psychopathy, stating, “For ten years, the question I’ve been getting is ‘Is this person a psychopath?’ Now people ask, ‘What if there’s a psychopath in our family?’ Media portrays psychopaths too often. The likelihood of encountering a psychopath in everyday life is extremely low. People harbor excessive fear.”

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