Gong Yoo Playfully Silences Rumors About the Fight With Best Friend Lee Dong Wook

gong yoo lee dong wook
gong yoo lee dong wook
Credit: Jang Do Yeon’s Youtube

Gong Yoo hilariously put an end to the rumor involving his best friend Lee Dong Wook during a lively chat on Jang Do Yeon’s YouTube channel titled “Salon Drip.”

Gong Yoo, who had previously encountered Jang Do Yeon as a guest on SBS’s Wook Talk, expressed his excitement to be on her new show. “I just had to be on this show to back you up and show my love for your awesome YouTube channel,” he said.

The topic soon shifted to their shared passion for fishing, leading to Jang Do Yeon playfully teasing Gong Yoo about his MBTI type being “FISH.”

But things took a fun twist when Jang Do Yeon couldn’t help but share an intriguing rumor about Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook. She revealed, “You know, there’s this quite interesting rumor going around that you and your bestie fought over a girl at the fishery.” With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, Gong Yoo craftily replied, “Oh, but that girl definitely isn’t you.” Bursting into laughter, Jang Do Yeon admitted, “Touché! That was a good one. I promise not to ask that question again.”

The conversation continued to surprise everyone when Jang Do Yeon revealed that Son Suk Ku had chosen her as his ideal type. Startled by the revelation, Gong Yoo couldn’t help but ask, “Wait, when did he say that? Is it actually true?”

Jang Do Yeon assured him, saying, “It’s not fake news. I’ve already checked the facts.” In response, Gong Yoo lamented, “I know exactly how it feels to be a victim of fake news. It’s gotten so hard to believe anything these days, considering the amount of fake news I’ve been exposed to.”

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