Lim Young Woong’s Monthly Earnings Exceed $3.3 Million, YouTube Subscribers Surge by Over 70 Times

lim young woong net worth
lim young woong net worth
Credit: tvN

Singer Lim Young Woong’s earnings have been disclosed following the May 8th episode of tvN’s Free Doctor 19 (literal translation), which featured a special segment in honor of Mother’s Day.


One of the emcees, Lee Ji Hye, stated that “Lim Young Woong has the highest number of YouTube subscribers among trot singers,” while reporter Kim Ji Hyun revealed that his YouTube subscribers had increased by over 70 times to 1.49 million since before his appearance on Mr. Trot in 2019. His monthly YouTube revenue is estimated to be over 1 billion won ($756,089).

Reporter Ahn Jin-yong expressed how Lim Young Woong’s popularity has been evident, revealing that “Among my 400,000 YouTube subscribers, 200,000 are Lim Young Woong’s fans. Since the beginning of Mr. Trot, I introduced his daily life, and content related to Im Young Woong still gets the most views and comments.”
Furthermore, the earnings from Lim Young Woong’s albums and streaming were also disclosed. Reporter Choi Jung Ah mentioned that Lim Young Woong’s first regular album, IM HERO, sold close to 1.2 million copies with estimated revenue exceeding 100 billion won. ($75.6 million)
Reporter Ahn Jin Yong also noted that “His songs are always in the rapidly changing top 10 on the Real-Time TOP 100 music rankings. He makes over 3 billion won per month from streaming revenue alone.”

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