Which Artist Earns More Than a BTS Member?

Lim Young Woong
lim young woong net worth
Credit: tvN

On the April 10th broadcast of tvN’s Free Doctor M, Lim Young Woong was revealed to have taken the top spot as the trot king rolling in money.

Reporter Ahn Jin Yong said of Lim Young Woong, “His worth is immeasurable. I wrote an article around this time last year estimating his worth to be around $38.2 million. I think now it’s easily over $76.3 million. His concert sales alone amount to around $23.3 million. BTS has to split their concert profits by one-seventh, but if they went one-on-one, I believe Lim Young Woong would win.”

Reporter Choi Jung Ah said, “His album Hero, released last year, sold over 1.14 million copies. It surpassed 940,000 copies in just one day and broke 1.1 million in three days. I think he’s a trot singer who will never be surpassed.” The revenue from album sales alone is estimated to be over $13.1 million.

Reporter Kim Ji Hyun said, “If you sum up Lim Young Woong’s endorsement fees for 2022, the total is estimated to be around $6.09 million. Even if he pays half of that in taxes, he’s still expected to earn over $3.04 million. I found an example of why he is in such high demand – when he appeared wearing a shirt from a clothing brand, sales increased by 51 percent in just three weeks. That’s why his advertising fees are increasing every year.”

Reporter Choi added, “Lim Young Woong’s YouTube channel has amassed over 2 billion views in total, with over 60 videos that have garnered more than 10 million views each. Based on a simple calculation, he is expected to earn over $763,015 every month. Additionally, revenue from music streaming is estimated to generate over $2.28 million.”

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