IU and Park Bo Gum’s Netflix Drama Team Apologizes for Inconveniences Caused During Filming

iu park bo gum
iu park bo gum
Credit: iMBC

The production team of the upcoming Netflix series, You Have Done Well, starring IU and Park Bo Gum, has issued an apology for any inconvenience caused during filming.


The production company Pan Entertainment stated, “We want to offer our sincere apologies to the local citizens who experienced inconvenience during the filming of our drama. Despite our efforts to minimize disruption and ensure the safety of all involved while also preventing spoilers from leaking, we regret that we failed to consider those who took their valuable time to attend the festival. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment caused. Moving forward, we will be considerate of local events and minimize any disruption our productions may cause.”

The apology came after a local resident shared their discontent about their experience at the Gochang Green Barley Field Festival, where the drama was also being filmed. The visitor wrote, “I went to the festival, and there was filming going on far away near the rapeseed field. I was taking pictures before I was stopped by a staff member from entering a certain area due to the filming.”

The poster said, “The filming crew wasn’t just blocking the area near the filming location but the entire entrance. It’s not fair to block the roads and prohibit visitors from taking pictures during peak hours at 4 PM when there are so many tourists around, all because of filming. What kind of festival is this? Why should tourists suffer due to celebrity filming? It’s a festival that everyone is supposed to enjoy. We came here to make good memories but left with awful ones.”

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