Why Did Lee Seung Gi Speak Out About the False Reports on His In-laws?

lee seung gi marriage
lee seung gi marriage
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Lee Seung Gi, who recently married Kyun Miri’s daughter, Lee Da In, expressed his frustration with ongoing rumors and negative public opinion surrounding their marriage through a lengthy post on April 7th.

On the 12th, he wrote on his social media account that “The public may be right, but sometimes the facts are misrepresented. The report claiming that my wife’s family embezzled $19.8 million through stock manipulation and caused 300,000 victims is clearly false.”

He also disclosed that he had filed lawsuits against five media outlets that had reported false news about him and his family to seek correction. Additionally, Lee Seung Gi mentioned that he is willing to accept the negative attention he has been receiving as a result of his marriage.

He said, “It wasn’t like my wife chose her parents. How could anyone say we should break up over this issue?” and promised, “Before and after I married my wife, we made certain promises. We’ll provide support to the facilities in need and prioritize those that require urgent assistance.” One of these promises was to donate their monetary wedding gifts.

He said, “Many people came to congratulate us at the wedding. While thinking about how to express our gratitude, we came to the conclusion that ‘it would be more meaningful to use the monetary wedding gifts to support underprivileged children in difficult environments.’ We plan to use all of the wedding gifts we received for a fund to support children in need.”

The singer also explained why he wrote the post. He shared, “From the dating rumors to the wedding, and even five days after our marriage, we have faced many challenges due to false news. Additionally, the hurtful comments that support these fake stories have really taken a toll on us.” He reassured, “I don’t need congratulations on our marriage. All I ask for is your support as we navigate our lives together.”

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