Cha Joo Young Says Her Father Left House After Seeing Her Nude Scene in ‘The Glory’

cha joo young the glory
cha joo young the glory
Credit: MBC

Cha Joo Young opened up about her parents’ opposition to acting.

In the recent episode of MBC’s The Manager, the daily lives of Cha Joo-young, who played stewardess Hye Jung in Netflix hit series The Glory, and her manager Lee Chang Min were depicted.

Cha Joo Young, who majored in business at Utah State University, revealed that she became an actress despite her parents’ opposition. “My parents were strongly against acting. I knew they would object, so I started secretly without telling them,” she said. The actress went on, “They were devastated. They didn’t even talk to me. They told me to quit and go back to the States.”

When asked how she handled her parents’ disapproval, Cha Joo Young coolly replied, “I just ignored it.”

She also opened up about her nude scene in The Glory. She said, “I did give my father a little warning about that part. I told him there would be a surprising scene, and I would explain the situation after he watched the drama.” However, she continued, “After seeing that scene, my father left the house.”

“They still don’t support my acting career wholeheartedly,” she added. “They watched Netflix for the first time because of The Glory. They didn’t even watch it right after its release, but only a while ago.”

Cha Joo Young also talked about auditioning for The Glory. “The audition took two months. I was really waiting,” she recalled. “The director asked to see me again, and we met. He asked how I had been doing. And I replied, ‘It’s been f***ing awful. I answered as Hye Jung.”

Meanwhile, Cha Joo Young is currently playing Se Jin, a secretary from a wealthy family full of ambition, in the KBS weekend drama The Real Has Come!

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