Kim Young Kwang Gives Thumbs Up to ‘Call It Love’ Ending

kim young kwang call it love
kim young kwang call it love
Credit: Disney Plus

Kim Young Kwang shared his thoughts on his Disney Plus series Call It Love

Call It Love tells an emotional love story of a woman who jumps into revenge even though she wasn’t built for one and a man who’s too pitiful to be the target of revenge. In the drama, Kim Young Kwang starred opposite Lee Sung Kyung as Dong Jin, a workaholic emotionally scarred by love.

Q1. How do you feel about the show coming to an end? We’re curious about the ending.

I’m grateful that the viewers have been able to follow Woo Ju and Dong Jin’s emotions. I hope they enjoy it until the end. The director is a big fan of happy endings, so I asked many times about how the ending would turn out while shooting the project. All I can say is that it’s not a bad ending.

Q2. Is a happy ending possible?

I’m not sure how much I should say. (laughs) It’s not an ending like “they lived happily ever after.” But I’m satisfied with the ending.

Q3. You filmed ‘Somebody’ around the same time. Wasn’t it confusing?

There was no confusion. I joined Call It Love right after Somebody, but I was able to adapt quickly because the way the director and I viewed the character Dong Jin had many similarities.

kim young kwang call it love
Credit: Disney Plus

Q4. It was a new experience seeing you play a lonely character.

In a way, it was a challenge since it was a different approach from the typical romance dramas. When I saw the script for Call It Love, I thought it would be fun. It was my personal feeling, but I had confidence in playing Dong Jin. I was sure that I could get close to Dong Jin. He was a thoughtful person who knew how to live for others, with patience and depth in his thoughts. I think these aspects can be charming and uncommon.

Q6. How did you see Dong Jin as a character?

At the beginning of the drama, I thought he was a person who became numb and indifferent because of the loneliness and pain within him. He seemed somewhat indifferent to external marks or other people’s actions. I thought he was someone who was afraid of others approaching him. When acting, I tried to restrain myself as much as possible. 

Q7. It must’ve been challenging to persuade viewers while not showing emotions.

I wanted to appear as someone who thinks emotions are meaningless . So, I restrained myself and my thoughts, which in the end, made him look quite complex.

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