Kim Woo Seok Draws a Beautiful Yet Fatal Image With ‘Blank Page’

kim woo seok new album
kim woo seok new album
Credit: SBS News

Kim Woo Seok held a showcase to celebrate the release of his fourth mini album Blank Page on the afternoon of the 3rd.

Blank Page is composed of two versions, “Dice” and “Dive.” The “Dice” version portrays Kim Woo Seok as a charming time traveler who transcends space and time, while the “Dive” version expresses another side of Kim Woo Seok who is fascinated by the gap in time and trapped within it.

Making a comeback after a year or so, Kim Woo Seok said, “This is an album that I’m releasing after a long time, so I’m nervous. Nevertheless, I’m excited to be back with my fans. I couldn’t be with my fans during my previous activities due to COVID-19, but I’m happy that I can be with them this time. I’m going to enjoy this moment.”

With this new album, Kim Woo Seok will prove his ability as a producer. He explained, “This time, I tried to bring each song in line with the album concept. I focused on what my fans would want to see the most. If my 2nd and 3rd albums were more on the bright side, I worked on this album to show a new side like the 1st album.” As for the visual aspect, he smiled and said, “I’ve been working hard to exercise to gain weight, but it seems like there are no effects at all. I’ve been just making an effort for a year.”

kim woo seok new album
Credit: SBS News

Regarding the renewal of his contract with his agency, Kim Woo Seok briefly commented, “UP10TION activities have ended, and in my case, there is still time left on my contract because I had to suspend my activities for a while. There haven’t been any big discussions yet, but I talked with the company about focusing on this promotion, and I’ll be doing that.”

As for future group activities, he said, “We (the members) haven’t really talked about it. I still maintain a good relationship with the members of UP10TION and X1, and we’re close. Recently, we exchanged small talk like ‘I saw the teaser,’ ‘It suits you well,’ ‘I hope you do well,’ and ‘Let’s grab a meal together.’ We’re getting along well by occasionally meeting up and having a drink together.”

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