Kim Gun Woo Reveals He Got an Advance Payment From His Agency Before Shooting ‘The Glory’

the glory kim gun woo
the glory kim gun woo
Credit: Netflix

Kim Gun Woo sat down for an interview to talk about The Glory.

In the hit series, Kim Gun Woo plays Son Myung Oh, a vicious perpetrator. The actor said, “I hadn’t acted for a long time before meeting The Glory. When I failed several times in the final audition and never got chosen, I wondered if I should continue acting. And right around then, I met The Glory and got my passion ignited again. Feeling so grateful, I wanted to be of help in any way.”

He continued, “I felt lost. I couldn’t even think, ‘What would I do if I didn’t act?’ The disappointment and donut I felt from the business made me think I should quit acting.”

Kim Gun Woo further revealed that he received an advance payment from his agency just to make a living. “I got an advance for my previous appearance fees, rebroadcast fees, and my upcoming appearance fees. I did the same when I was shooting The Glory. I had a good feeling about the show, so I wanted to eat delicious food while working on it, so I asked the agency for help.”

He laughed and said, “I already paid back all the advances I got.”

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