YoonA Transforms into a Bright and Charming Hotelier in Upcoming Drama ‘King the Land’

yoona king the land
yoona king the land
Credit: JTBC

New JTBC drama King the Land follows the story of two characters, Goo Won (played by Junho) and Chun Sa Rang (played by YoonA). Goo Won is a man who despises smiles and happiness, while Sa Rang is a woman who always has to put on a big smile due to the nature of her profession. Together, they work to recreate their workplace into a fun and enjoyable environment.

YoonA plays a King the Land hotelier named Chun Sa Rang, who is well-known for her beautiful smile and outstanding abilities. She always ensures to provide her customers with the best service after achieving her dream job at the King Hotel, which left her with pleasant memories from when she was a child. Expectations are high about her upcoming transformation into the bright, charming character Chun Sa Rang.

The production team shared, “YoonA completely embodies the character of Chun Sa Rang to the point where it feels like she has come to life from the drama. We strongly believe that viewers will fall in love with Chun Sa Rang at first sight. We are doing our best to live up to your expectations, so please give us your support and love.”

King the Land premieres in June.

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