‘The Glory’ Star Kim Hieora on Being Song Hye Kyo’s Fan, Filming with a Real Snake, and More

the glory kim hieora
the glory kim hieora
Credit: Netflix

The Glory Part 2 has managed to dazzle all the people around the world, garnering 124.46 million viewing hours just three days after its release.

Kim Hieroa sat down for an interview to talk about this new global success.

Recalling her first filming as Lee Sa Ra – the scene where Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) and Lee Sa Ra meet up in the church, the actress shared, “I’m such a big fan of Song Hye Kyo, so I was really nervous. I went up to tell her I was her fan, and she said, ‘I’ve heard a lot about you. Everyone told me you’re an amazing actress. So I’m nervous too.'” She went on, “I had to look into her eyes, and she was so pretty that my eyes filled with love. The director told me to stop looking at her so lovingly.”

“There’s a scene where Dong Eun looks at the hair on her hand after she yanks Sa Ra’s hair, and in that scene, Hye Kyo’s hand was actually trembling. It was so real; I can never forget that,” Kim Hieora went on. “I could feel with my whole body that (Moon Dong Eun) is someone who’s never harmed anyone in her life. Her body was trembling so subtly and I fell in love with (Hye Kyo) after seeing that.”

the glory kim hieora
Credit: Netflix

The most shocking Lee Sa Ra’s scene in part 2 might be the scene where she sees a snake after getting high. “It wasn’t a computer graphic – it was the real snake,” she shared. “I was acting, then I heard someone say, ‘The snake is here.’ But it was all trained, so it moves when it sees the hand gesture. Facing the real snake, the line ‘Go away’ came out so easily.”

As a non-smoker, Kim Hieora had to train herself how to smoke and show performance as a drug addict. “My manager smokes, so I asked him to get me the weakest e-cigarette. I practiced with him on my way to the filming set,” the actress reflected. “In the scene where I smoke weed, they made me a rolled up leaf tobacco as a prop. It was strong, but I wanted to do a good job, so I soaked it in, and it was really hard. That was the last smoking scene, and after shooting that, I never wanted to smoke again.”

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