‘The Glory’ Star Cha Joo Young Reveals Truth Behind Her Shirtless Moment on Screen

the glory cha joo young
the glory cha joo young
Credit: Netflix

Cha Joo Young recently spoke about the shirtless scenes in The Glory, clarifying that the chest scene was created with CGI.

While the drama generated a lot of buzz, particularly the shirtless scene of Choi Hye Jung in Part 2, many speculated about whether it was filmed with a body double or CGI.

During an interview in Samcheong-dong related to The Glory, Cha Joo Young revealed, “I’ve been waiting for this day to come.”

She said, “I had a lot of conversations with the writer and director about the scene. I strongly believed that it was an essential scene for the character.” She added, “The character has undergone breast augmentation, but as I haven’t had that surgery myself, the scenes were created using CGI.”

Cha Joo Young explained that while she didn’t fully undress for the scene, there were still parts of her body that were shown. She said, “The scene required a combination of my actual body, body doubles, and CGI,” describing the extensive post-production work.

Additionally, she confirmed that the bathtub scene featuring her and Park Sung Hoon‘s character, Jeon Jae Joon, was filmed using a body double and various techniques.

Despite feeling the potential burden of her nude scenes as an actress, Cha Joo Young embraced them as a necessary element for her character. She explained “I believed that the nudity was necessary to fully develop Hye Jung’s character. Despite her inability to keep up with her friends and surpass them, Hye Jung’s confidence in her body and face grew when she undressed, making her immune to envy or intimidation from her friends.”

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