Will This Gymnast Be the Final Winner of ‘Physical 100’? Netflix Responds to Fan Speculations

physical 100 winner
physical 100 winner
Credit: Netflix, TV Report

Netflix responded to fan theories regarding the final winner of Physical: 100.

Rumors have been swirling that the Olympic gymnast, Yang Hak Sun, will be the final winner and take home prize money of $24,000.

The speculations are based on his name appearing on the lead star section of the series description. According to data on the Korea Media Rating Board, his name is listed at the top of the show’s cast list.

In response, Netflix denied the rumors on February 1st and clarified that his name was not plugged in on their end.

They added, “In this format of shows, the first person who appears in the series gets listed as the leading star. I think that’s why Yang Hak Seon’s name is there.”

physical 100 winner
Credit: Netflix

Meanwhile, Physical: 100 follows one hundred contestants in top physical shape as they compete in a series of grueling challenges to claim the honor, and cash reward, as the last one standing.

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