Park So Dam Reveals Shocking Hate DMs She Received

park so dam health
park so dam health
Credit: Park So Dam Instagram

Park So Dam revealed malicious comments she received from an anonymous netizen on January 22nd. 

The actress shared the shocking hate messages she received and added a message of her own with the following words: “Hello, thank you for coming to my Instagram on your own in the new year. I will continue my activities diligently. I will save the original screenshots. Happy New Year! I want to live a long, healthy life”

The commenter used lots of curse words about the actress’ appearance and her battle with papillary thyroid cancer. 

In 2022, another internet user sent her the following DM: “I cannot believe you are the female lead with that total s*** face. The world has become so much a better place to live in. You are too ugly to be the lead actress. Do some reality checks, and please face up to reality.”

After the incidents, fans wrote to Park So Dam, “She must take legal action against them” and “Surprised that her response is so calm. Remember we are always on your side. Keep your chin up.”

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