Taeyang Tells Suga that Team Always Comes Before His Solo Career

taeyang bts
taeyang bts
Credit: YouTube “BANGTANTV”

In the third episode of Suga’s “SUCHWITA,” Big Bang’s Taeyang appeared as a guest, and the two shared a candid talk.

Suga showed an adorable reaction to meeting Taeyang, the singer every BTS member idolizes. “I’m such a huge fan,” Suga said in a shaking voice as he greeted the singer. “It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Big Bang practically made BTS,” he added. “You were musicians that I aspired to be like as a kid. You were unrivaled. When I was young, I still remember watching MAMA, and I said ‘I want to become a singer just like him.'”

Recently, Taeyang made his comeback with “VIBE,” in which Jimin took part as a featuring artist. Suga opened up, “You’re the one that influenced Jimin the most,” to which Taeyang humbly replied, “Jimin also said that when we met. But I learned so much from him too, and he gave me a lot of inspiration.” Suga later added, “He literally studied you! I’m not kidding. You’ve never heard him doing an impression of you, right? He even copies how you talk,” giving a big laugh.

Later on, the two artists talked about their solo careers. “I think all the solo activities and music I do now have to help the team,” Taeyang advised the younger singer. “The team always comes first and the members are my first priority. I don’t want to do anything that hurts the team.” He continued, “If you keep thinking about the team first like you’re doing now and build healthy relationships with the members, there’s nothing else that makes you as strong and invisible as that.”

Hearing that, Suga responded, “I love my team so much. I’m a part of it, but I also love BTS as a fan. We’re brothers.”

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