Positive Influence of ‘The Glory’? A Thai Actor Apologizes for School Bullying Allegations

the glory song hye kyo
the glory song hye kyo
Credit: Netflix

Song Hye Kyo‘s The Glory is exerting a positive influence around the world.

According to Netflix, The Glory recorded 25.41 million viewing hours in just three days, ranking third in the Global Top 10 Chart (non-English). Not only that, it also ranked within the Top 10 in 19 countries, including Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Singapore, Morocco, and Hong Kong.

However, the show didn’t just stop with “being popular” – its main theme of “retribution and reflection on school violence” has made a huge impact.

the glory song hye kyo
Credit: Twitter “@ohmpawatt”

Thai actor Pawat Chittsawangdee gained popularity through the BL drama Bad Buddy and the movie Dew, a Thai remake of the Korean movie Bungee Jumping of Their Own. He wrote an official apology via his Twitter, acknowledging the fact that he bullied a friend with autism in the past. “I admit that I was a mischievous boy when I was young,” he wrote. “I received warnings from my teacher in middle school, got the cane, and apologized to that friend with my parents. After learning the hard way, I tried to become a better person. I apologize to all those who suffered from my pranks.”

Thai fans wrote, “After watching The Glory, I finally understood why Korean celebrities who got involved in school violence scandals were criticized so heavily. We’re too tolerant of school predators.”

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