‘Hero’ Star Kim Go Eun Thanks Kim Sung Cheol and Lee Sang Yi for Their Help

kim go eun movie hero
kim go eun movie hero
Credit: CJ ENM

Kim Go Eun told various stories in the interview about her upcoming movie Hero.

Hero follows the last year of An Jung Geun, a Korean-independence activist, who was sentenced to death after killing Ito Hirobumi in Harbin in October 1909. Kim Go Eun plays the last court lady of Joseon who becomes an informant for the independence army.

Regarding the reason she chose the movie, she shared, “When I first got the offer for Hero from Director Yoon Jae Kyoon, I couldn’t imagine it. So I went to see the musical version of it. When I read the script after watching the musical, I was able to paint the pictures. It was overwhelming. And I wanted to do a historical project.”

The musical is one of the most unavailing genres in Korean cinema. “I like musical movies,” Kim Go Eun said. “I’ve always wished that a well-made musical movie would be released in Korea as well. But more and more are getting released, don’t they? Personally, I was glad to see them.”

kim go eun movie hero
Credit: CJ ENM

The actress then talked about her musical debut. “It’s not like I had specific desires and thoughts,” she commented. “I heard that the musical Hadestown, which I really like, is getting a Korean premiere and was looking for actors. It was after I had already finished filming Hero. And I forgot all about the painful time I endured and went and auditioned, dying to be part of the musical. But I was trembling during the audition. Then, I promised myself that I’d never act rashly again.”

Kim Go Eun said that she received a lot of help from her college friends Kim Sung Cheol and Lee Sang Yi. “Kim Sung Cheol and Lee Sang Yi were the ones who tormented me until the filming started. Before the production, I cried in front of them, begging them to check my performance,” she recalled. “I’ve complained to them a lot too. I thought I’d been trained in musicals since high school, so I confidently showed them my performance. And they said, ‘What happened? You’ve regressed.’ After hearing their frank comments, I flopped to the ground and cried, begging them to teach me to make sound property. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them.”

Kim Go Eun is already in the 10th year of her career. “When I made my debut, I won Best New Actress at the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards with Eungyo, and ten years later, I won Best Actress at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards with Yumi’s Cells. Personally, it was so meaningful to me,” she shared. “And I’m just grateful that two of my dramas also gained popularity in 2022. Though the date has been pushed back, I’m glad I’ll be showing three projects including Hero in just one year.”

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