RM Shares Candid Thoughts About His First Solo Album ‘Indigo’

rm indigo
rm indigo
Credit: BTS Facebook

BTS’ RM dropped his first solo album Indigo. This is the artist’s first solo project four years after the release of his mixtape mono and his first-ever official solo album. Through the introduction video pre-distributed to the reporters prior to the album’s release, RM opened up that he first mapped out the album in 2019.

“It’s kind of a diary-like album that contains the sentiments, emotions, and worries that I felt,” he elaborated. “I tried to honestly capture the emotions at the time in the music. The songs are the result of intense contemplation, but this album is the most Kim Nam Joon-like album and the new starting point.”

RM then explained why he chose Indigo as the title. “I wanted to show the contrast with the black and white tone of mono to express how my thoughts, colors and tendencies have changed over the years. Also, indigo is the color of jeans from nature. I chose it from the thought, ‘What if I start my first full album with a natural color of indigo?'” he said.

rm indigo
Credit: BTS Facebook

“When working on the album, there are songs that feel like you have to complete them on your own, but then there are songs that feel much more vital with someone else’s color applied together,” RM shared. “This time, there were so many songs that I wanted to add someone else’s quiet frequency or their narratives and emotions. That’s why I worked with other musicians. I learned a lot while working with them, and it all became a new experience and lesson for me.”

RM went on, “In the end, music is also something that people make, so I think it’s important that it comes from someone who’s living a certain life with a certain narrative, reason and will. Indigo is also an album that contains my will and thoughts.”

He calmly added, “When the album comes out, I won’t listen to it anymore. From that moment on, I think it’s all up to the listeners. I hope that those who listen to this album will also breathe life into the songs with their own interpretations and blank spaces.”

Finally, RM commented, “I worked hard for nearly four years, which is not a short period. I hope you enjoy the songs. Rather than wishing I could convey a tremendous message through the songs like those I’ve listened to in my childhood, I just thought that at least one of the songs might suit your taste.” Then he shared his simple wish – “I have a small wish that it’d be a song to add to your playlist, like a ginkgo leaf you put in your book to use as a bookmark.”

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