Kim Young Kwang Describes ‘Somebody’ as an Eerie Love Story

somebody kim young kwang
somebody kim young kwang
Credit: Netflix

Kim Young Kwang, the star of the new Netflix original series Somebody, sat down for an interview with News1. Somebody centers around three women who get caught in a web of murder and crime involving the dating app and a mysterious man lurking close by.

Q1. How did you feel after the series was released?

I felt a bit awkward seeing it right away when it was first released, so I just chatted with my friends. I was worried about how the viewers might take it and wanted them to enjoy it. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it on the first day.

Q2. I could feel your thirst for transformation.

After I talked to Director Jung Ji Woo about the series, I knew that it was going to be an adventure-slash-challenge for me. I just wanted to carry out this mission well.

Q3. Where did this thirst for transformation come from?

From way before, I’ve said in all my interviews that I wanted to try out various roles. And I was happy to be able to show my new attempt in Somebody.

Q4. What efforts did you make for the role?

I thought of Yun Oh as someone huge, so I put on weight. Then I thought I’d gone too far, so after discussing it with the director, I reduced my size again. The process of preparing my body was also fun. I gained so much weight that my face was all plump (laughter). But I wanted Yun Oh to have a sharp, piercing image, so I lost weight, only eating sweet potatoes once a day.

somebody kim young kwang
Credit: Netflix
Q5. Many were surprised by the extent of the sex scenes.

I don’t think it went that far. The Yoon Oh that I’ve shown has a creepy vibe, but at the same time, I thought the drama told an affable yet “eerie” love story.

Q6. Was there any pressure in filming the sex scenes?

I had no hostility toward the sex scenes. (The scenes) were part of the story, so I didn’t feel any pressure.

Q7. What kind of appraisal do you want to hear?

“He’s scary” or “That’s a new kind of serial killer.” I talked with the director about how to make him visually scary. For example, the bathtub scene. We made it, thinking, “Wouldn’t it be the first time people have seen such a shape?”

Q8. Any expectations about ‘Somebody’ being a Netflix series? 

It was an opportunity to get my name out here, and especially since K-content is on the rise in the global market, so I couldn’t help but get my hopes up a little. After I post photos or videos on Instagram, I translate the comments, and I love reading ones like “I’m impressed that you shot this series.”

Q9. What do you want to say to the viewers?

There’s something I want to say to those who’ve already seen it once. Please re-watch it twice more. The more you watch it, the more fun things about it you’ll find. You’ll really see the “eerie love story.”

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