What to Look for in Netflix’s ‘Somebody’ Starring Kim Young Kwang, Kang Hae Rim, Kim Yong Ji & Kim Su Yeon

Netflix Somebody
Netflix Somebody
Credit: Netflix

Somebody is the first TV series by Director Jung Ji Woo, whose credit includes Eungyo and Tune in for Love. Jung has always unfolded his unique world of art, conveying a message that penetrates society by sharply capturing the multi-layered psychology of human nature. Rather than chasing after the criminal, Somebody pierces into the relationship and thoughts of the characters. Even the space and music were fine-tuned to allow viewers to get closer to the heart of the character whose emotions bowl as they go through various events. Jung refrained from using artificial sound effects and chose music with violin and piano melodies. The space was designed differently to match the characters’ unique characteristics.

Somebody combines universal human desire with a social connecting app. Social connecting apps that have penetrated into our daily lives helps us find “someone” who might just be our soul mate with just a few taps, but since it has become easier to get into and out of relationships, it could easily put us in danger as well.

Netflix Somebody
Credit: Netflix

App developer Seom finds it difficult to communicate with people. So, she develops a social connecting app “Somebody” that matches partners by analyzing conversations and behavioral patterns using AI. The app receives a hot response, but it’s used in crimes and murders. Ki Eun, Sum’s only friend and cybercrime police officer, meets a man in a wheelchair just like her through “Somebody.” Upon their first meeting, she instantly has a gut feeling that he’s dangerous, so with the help of her shaman friend Mok Won, she digs into his life. Meanwhile, Seom, for the first time in her life, feels a connection to Yoon Oh, who uses “Somebody” with everything about him under a veil. She learns about his mysterious secret, but she doesn’t want to let go of the one man she feels connected to. Where will their fascinating yet precarious relationship reach in the end?

Kim Young Kwang, who’s mostly played bright and energetic characters, challenges an unprecedented transformation into Yoon Oh, a murderer with dark and twisted desires. In order to portray Seom who moves based on reason, Kang Tae Rim minimized beauty elements including nails, hair styling and makeup and completed her character by projecting her own inverted personality. Kim Yong Ji, stepping into the role of Mok Won, gained 10 kg for her role with flexible and warm images. Rookie actress Kim Su Yeon, who plays Ki Eun, even rode a wheelchair in her daily life to better perfect the character with paraplegia.


Source: Netflix

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