OMEGA X Members Claim They Were Sexually Harrassed by Their Agency’s CEO

omega x ceo kang seong hee
OMEGA X members opened up about how their label CEO mistreated them.
omega x ceo kang seong hee
Credit: SBS News

On the 16th, OMEGA X members held a press conference regarding the termination of their contract with Spire Entertainment.

“The reason we had no other choice but to put up (with CEO Kang Seong Hee) was the fear of losing the last chance we could have,” Jaehan opened up. “We’ve endured it all, but we’ve reached a point where we can’t just take in any more. So we’ve gathered our courage for those who are being treated unfairly while having the same dream as us.”

The group made headlines not long ago when they were seen verbally and physically abused by their agency CEO. But on this day, the boys added that they’d been sexually harassed by CEO Kang. He claimed, “CEO Kang made us drink alcohol after we were done with our practice. And she didn’t hesitate to make sexual harassment and habitually molested us by touching our thighs and face.”

The lawyer representing the group further explained, “She touched their thighs and even made them feel her breath on their faces. If a girl was subjected to such an act, it’d have been considered a serious crime.”

omega x ceo kang seong hee
Credit: SBS News

Hangyeom also commented, “There was a strange culture (in our agency) of giving presents after being CEO Kang’s ‘black knight’ (when a boy takes the turn instead of a girl). If she didn’t drink her drinks, Kang would turn sulky or glare at us and then change her attitude toward us the next day.” Sebin elaborated, “If we refused to drink with her, she said, ‘There is no next album for you,’ to us.”

Afterward, Junghoon shared, “We returned home after the incident in LA, but we still haven’t received an apology that we thought was sincere. Instead, she threatened us by bringing up our military duties and sent us an outrageous statement of accounts of the unpaid fees we owe the label.”

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