Kim Ji Eun Opens Up About Her Financial Struggles Before ‘One Dollar Lawyer’

kim ji eun one dollar lawyer
kim ji eun one dollar lawyer
Credit: SBS

Kim Ji Eun has opened up about her financial struggles before landing on her role in One Dollar Lawyer.

Having debuted in 2016, the actress revealed, “I don’t think I endured the time because even the smallest role was something to appreciate at that time. I was grateful for what I’ve been offered to play and found it very meaningful.” “Then I got more lines, and I was so thrilled and excited,” she added.

The star, who had been playing small supporting roles since her debut, began to make her face known to the public through the 2019 series Hell Is Other People. However, she entered a year-long hiatus right after landing on her breakthrough role. 

She revealed, “The drama was pretty popular back then, and I thought I finally had the opportunity to make myself known. However, things didn’t go as planned, as I kept failing auditions. I had a tough time as things stayed the same no matter what I did.”

“It was hard to keep up with the life I had in Seoul. So I moved back to Incheon, where my family lived, and took part-time jobs at cafes. I really thought that this might be it, that I should actually quit pursuing my dream as an actress,” she continued.

kim ji eun one dollar lawyer
Credi: Kim Ji Eun Instagram, SBS

In the meantime, she auditioned for a role in 2021 drama The Veil, after being given a recommendation by Namkoong Min. She got in the show and soon joined other drama series such as Again My Life and One Dollar Lawyer.

The actress, who is already working with Namkoong Min for the fourth time, said, “I can only say that he is amazing. He is a great advisor, and his most memorable advice was, ‘focus on the flow of the project rather than what’s imminently approaching.’

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