Kim Yoo Jung on Working With Byun Woo Seok and the Ending of ’20th Century Girl’

20th Century Girl
20th century girl netflix
Credit: Netflix

Kim Yoo Jung showed her best performance in the Netflix movie 20th Century Girl, making everyone take a walk down memory lane of first love. The actress told Ilgan Sports various stories about the movie.

Q1. Why did you choose ’20th Century Girl’?

When I first received the script, I was filming another project. I was curious about Director Bang Woo Ri and I wanted to meet her. I felt comfortable and had fun after meeting her. It was an honor to be part of her debut project.

Q2. Any movies you used as a reference?

I like the movie Lovers’ Concerto, and it was the first thing that came to mind after reading the script. As for foreign films, I referenced One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, etc. Though the times are a little different, they show a similar sensibility. 

Q3. Bo Ra had such diverse expressions. What did you focus on the most?

I tried to think as comfortably as possible. I simplified the outfits, hairstyle, and makeup and really worked to bring out the realism. So I tied my hair myself and actually wore the clothes that Bo Ra wears in the movie. I thought Bo Ra would look pretty that way. I thought, “The innocence of a 17-year-old girl would show once viewers can comfortably see how I look.”

20th century girl netflix
Credit: Netflix
Q4. If Young Bo Ra had found out about Woon Ho, what do you think would have happened?

I think it might’ve been difficult to accept the situation. And even I wouldn’t be able to accept it. I was curious about how Han Hyo Joo portrayed Bo Ra, and after seeing the ending, I felt overwhelmed. I thought about what it’d have been like if I had played the scene, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it. The age is different, and even if I thought hard about it and did my best to portray it, it wouldn’t have touched viewers’ hearts. Then the movie would’ve suffered. 

Q5. What is first love to Kim Yoo Jung?

The boundary of love first is ambitious. I think it’ll be a refreshing feeling. I’m not sure who my first love is. I’ll have to find (my first love) in the future.

Q6. I’m sure you got asked out a lot.

I really wasn’t asked out a lot. I had someone I liked at school, but other students were never comfortable around me. 

Q7. What was it like working with Byeon Woo Seok?

Byeon Woo Seok is lively and playful. So we enjoyed the whole process. I had really good teamwork with the other actors as well. We didn’t have any troubles and just thought that we were having fun together. When we were filming the school trip scene, I was just excited that I’ll get to travel to Gyeongju. We traveled the city, going to famous restaurants and taking pictures at a cafe. 

Q8. What are your future plans?

As long as I can, I’ll continue to improve and show better performance with every project. I want to keep doing something and creating something. 

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