IVE’s Wonyoung Wore a Traditional Korean Hairpin to Paris to Show Korean Beauty

ive wonyoung paris
ive wonyoung paris
Credit: Wonyoung, NASCHENKA Instagram

IVE’s Wonyoung revealed why she brought a traditional Korean hairpin to the FRED Paris event.

On Sunday, Vogue Korea released the second episode of Wonyoung’s trip to Paris. Saying that this is her first time visiting Paris, Wonyoung fully enjoyed the beautiful city despite her busy schedule, listening to the violin near the Seine and taking pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower.

ive wonyoung paris
Credit: Vogue Korea YouTube

Then the singer stopped by the oldest handicraft shop in Paris. There, she introduced her styling. “The dress I’m wearing today goes well with the upstyle (the hair is combed and tied high),” she said. “I prepared (with the styling team) from head to toe.”

Then she pointed to her hairpin and shared, “And this binyeo (traditional Korean hairpiece). I wanted to show Korean beauty to those in Paris, so I brought it from Korea.” Later that day, she wore the same hairpiece to the jeweler FRED Paris event.

Shaped like a phoenix, this hairpin Wonyoung put on is made of silver. The designer that made the piece shared, “The phoenix binyeo has the energy to rise above all else.” Korean fans were impressed with how thoughtful Wongyoung is despite her young age.

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