Actors Show Worldview-Cross Chemistry in ‘Youth MT’: From “Weather Fairies” to “We’ll take her”

Credit: TVING

TVING’s Youth MT continues to be a hot topic, showing eye-catching chemistry and the perfect synergy. These are the four moments when the worldview-crossing chemistry stood out.


#1 Hwang In Yeop & Park Bo Gum – They’re nickname-rich brothers

Episode 4 showed actors choosing one of the two activities, hanok experience or outdoor activity. The Sound of Magic actor Hwang In Yeop and Love in the Moonlight star Park Bo Gum headed to the zip-line activity, and when the weather cleared on the way, the two high-fived each other, saying, “We make the sun come up.”

Then during the “Flying Chair” battle, Hwang In Yeop and Park Bo Gum fell into the water with the questions that they asked to attack the other team, giving a big laugh. Winning the titles like “weather fairies,” they quickly became the nickname-rich brothers.


#2 Jokester Park Seo Joon & Ahn Bo Hyun – “Frog soup is famous here”

While choosing the lunch menu after completing the activities, The Sound of Magic actress Kim Bo Yoon misheard “codfish soup” as “frog soup.” Hearing that, Itaewon Class stars Park Seo Joon and Ahn Bo Hyun exchanged meaningful glances. Hearing their jokes like “Frogs from the west sea are famous” and “They even have back leg fries,” the actress was seen lost for words, putting a smile on everyone’s face.


#3 Kwon Nara & Chase Soo Bin – Bond over their dogs

On the other hand, Itaewon Class actress Kwon Nara and Love in the Moonlight actress Chae Soo Bin bonded over being a dog owner. Kwon Nara showed off her poodle Hodu’s pictures while Chae Soo Bin introduced her two dogs Mata and Haku.


#4 Lee Joo Young & Kim Yoo Jung – “We’ll take her”

Unlike how awkward they were at first, Itaewon Class actress Lee Joo Young and Love in the Moonlight star Kim Yoo Jung became besties from the second day. When Park Bo Gum asked his co-star if she was one of the Itaewon team, Lee Joo Young hugged Kim Yoo Jung and said, “We’ll take her,” showing off their new friendship. Then on the third day, Kim Yoo Jung made coffee for Lee Joo Young and Kwon Nara, who were performing the penalty of making breakfast for 16 people, catching the eye.


Check out some of the unreleased photos from the show here!

Source: TVING

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