Kang Jong Hyun Says He Doesn’t Want to Mess Up His Now Ex-Girlfriend Park Min Young’s Career

park min young kang jonghyun
park min young kang jonghyun
Credit: Namoo Actors

Kang Jong Hyun, Park Min Young‘s ex-boyfriend, gave explanations for various allegations raised against him.

On the 12th, Dispatch released a follow-up article on Kang Jong Hyun, whom they reported as Park Min Young’s “wealthy, shady boyfriend” (at the time). Kang Jong Hyun himself gave explanations for the various allegations about how rich he is.

First, he denied the reports about owning expensive cars. “It’s easy to register for parking in the villa I live in,” he shared. “That’s why my sister registered hers here, and the Ferrari is just parked here.” The Maybach SUV that he drives around and the membership of a golf course he has are also a gift, according to his claims. He also claimed that the two luxurious villas that Dispatch reported that he owns aren’t his. “I’m just living in a friend’s house,” he explained, but the question of all the gifts that he received still remains.

park min young kang jonghyun
Credit: Dispatch

However, he admitted to having a secretary who also handled Park Min Young’s personal schedule. His claim, however, is that he pays his secretary’s salary with the money he earned from selling smartphones. Kang expressed frustration over the report about how he bought Park Min Young a car and designer bags. “I just bought her one Chanel bag. She actually bought me more,” he claimed.

After all the explanations, he didn’t deny his feelings for the actress. “That day at dawn (September 29th), I met her. I don’t want her career to be messed up because of me. So we decided to break up. I really don’t want her to be mentioned anymore.”

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