V Spotted with Park Bo Gum Wearing a Matching Item with BLACKPINK’s Jennie?

V and Jennie
V and Jennie
Credit: Online Communities

BTS’ V was spotted with Park Bo Gum in an art exhibition.

Recently, a number of posts about sighting V and Park Bo Gum together at an art exhibition went viral online. One ARMY wrote, “I asked him if he was V, and he answered no with a playful look on his face. After that, I carefully added that I was ARMY, and he said, ‘Really?’ and reached his hand out to shake mine.”

Another writer posted, “ARMYs who recognized V kept quiet and watched him from a distance so as not to get in his way. Even with a mask, I could tell that he was a celebrity.”

Reading the posts, fans reacted to V and Park Bo Gum’s friendship and how the two couldn’t hide their aura even with the masks.

V and Jennie
Credit: Twitter

However, some paid attention to the hat the V was wearing. They argued that it was the same one Jennie was wearing in one of the most recently leaked photos. Soon, some started to claim that the hat was V and Jennie‘s matching items.

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  • So people are trying to tell me that celebrities can’t were the clothes they bought without rumors spruging up

  • I don’t care if they are dating because it’s there life and we can’t say that without proof.

  • He can date anybody but not with them. Trash! They are not very nice people. I was a fan until I witnessed Jennie, Rose and Lisa mistreated a fan. I wished somebody got it on video somewhere, talking trash about a fan in Korean saying that she wasn�t a pretty fan and why did she looked the way she did. There were a handful of fans and they ignored her and laughed at her. I was shocked. And no I did not misheard or misinterpreted. Jisoo was on the other side.

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