3 Things to Look for in ‘Confidential Assignment 2’ Starring Hyun Bin, YoonA, Daniel Henney and More

Confidential Assignment 2

Set to be released on September 7th, Confidential Assignment 2: International follows North Korean detective Lim Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin) and South Korean detective Kang Jin Tae (Yoo Hae Jin), who reunite to pursue a global crime ring. Daniel Henney will be a new addition to the cast as he will play an FBI agent from the States. These are the three things you can look forward to seeing in the upcoming sequel.

#1 Explosive synergy of Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae Jin, YoonA, Daniel Henney & Jin Seon Kyu
Confidential Assignment 2
Credit: CJ ENM

The first thing you can look forward to is the chemistry of never-failing actors. Chul Ryung and Jin Tae team up again to catch the crime boss Jang Myung Joon (Jin Seon Kyu). From the two men’s already-proven bromance to Min Young’s love triangle (in her head) and the new member of the team Jack, the movie will provide a variety of fun through the characters’ “international” chemistry.

#2 Thrilling action scenes
Confidential Assignment 2
Credit: CJ ENM

The second key point is the thrilling action scenes that’ll captivate your eyes and ears. Starting with a bare-body fight, the “upgraded” action in the movie such as thrilling gunfights, wire action, and dizzying car chasing will complete the highlight of the cooperation of three detectives from three countries. The colorful action scenes that bring out the unique style of each character form perfect harmony with the actors’ passionate performances, allowing catharsis for the viewers. Of course, the witty and lively ideas shown in the prequel will also be included in the sequel, doubling the fun.

#3 Unpredictable performances of characters with unique personalities
Confidential Assignment 2
Credit: CJ ENM

The third one on the list is the big fun that the characters full of personality will showcase. Chul Ryun returns as a more familiar and sly character, while Jin Tae once again boosts his charms. Joining them in their investigation is Jack, a clever man with an unexpected side to him. Min Young (YoonA), who is now a YouTuber who earns 10 cents a day, will charm the viewers as she gets stuck in a love triangle fantasy between Chul Ryung and Jack, although neither of the two men are actually involved.

Source: CJ ENM

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