Who Is the Real Big Mouse in Korean Drama ‘Big Mouth’?

big mouth kdrama
Big Mouth Kdrama
Credit: MBC

Various speculations are being made over the identity of Big Mouse, the real genius swindler in MBC series Big Mouth.

Park Chang Ho (played by Lee Jong Suk) is undoubtedly the number one prime suspect. After being falsely accused and sentenced to prison, he pretends to be the notorious con man to protect his family. The troubled man is firmly determined to punish those who put him in the pit and therefore jumps into a war against the anonymous man using the tarot cards hidden in the Bible. With the new, engaging fight, viewers are all the more curious about who would be the real Big Mouse.

The Mayor of Gucheon city, Choi Do Ha (Kim Ju Hun), is another key suspect. He is closely connected to the Gucheon Hospital murder and is the one who framed Chang Ho. As the fifth episode revealed his dirty secret, his political rival Gong Ji Hoon (Yang Kyung Won) began to suspect him.

The people in Gucheon prison are also very suspicious. Jerry (Kwak Dong Yeon), who admires Big Mouse, Noh Park (Yang Hyung Wook), who helps Chang Ho, and warden Park Yoon Gap (Jeong Jae Sung) all seem like they could be the legendary con artist.

As people outside the prison �” Chang Ho’s father-in-law (Lee Ki Young) or his friend Kim Soon Tae (Oh Eui Shik) �”might also be the swindler himself disguised as a helping friend or family member, fans are making various speculations about the identity of Big Mouse in the MBC drama.

Big Mouth is a TV series that airs every Friday and Saturday on MBC.

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  • At first I also thought it was the mayor, but then he also wants to know who really big mouse is, so l moved to the warden, but he also showed some signs of not knowing and a bit intimidated thus he was not really suspicious anymore. Then there’s the friend Jerry, he respects and worships big mouse and also plays the weak guy in prison making it more suspicious he could be big mouse playing weak…. I can’t wait

  • Have you people ever heard of the cartoon Tom and Jerry>

    I’m 99% sure Jerry is Big Mouse.

  • I think it is No Bak. Because
    1. Not much is known about him but he still gets a lot of screen time. He doesn’t do anything significant but still, he is everywhere.

    2. He is in astrology and taro cards. Park Chang Ho (our hero) and big mouse use tarot cards to communicate.

    3. He is close to Park Yoon Gab (Prison Director) are close and he gives importance to him. And in episode 10 we get to know that Park Yoon Gab is with the big mouse.

    4. Remember when Park Chang Ho (our hero) asked jerry to collect wishes from the prisoners and said he will grant them (to prove he is a big mouse) and No Bak told the story of his lost daughter and how he end up in the prison. In ep 10 Park Yoon Gab (Prison Director) tells our hero that big mouse is interested in ‘That Paper’ (Seo Jae Yong’s paper) because Big mouse lost someone precious due to that paper. (in short, that precious person was No Bak’s daughter).
    If you observe that the wish-fulfilling scenario was not necessary at all. Most of us would have already forgotten about it. He got only 3 wishes. And haven’t fulfilled any of it. That thing was only there so that we can connect dots later. And that scenario becomes important enough for the screentime only is what I am assuming is true.

      • So you mean something like this theory?
        Chang ho�s other personality is the real big mouse. He has multiple personality disorders. His good ‘other’ side �died�(deep comma) after the accident.

        That’s believable too! That�s a fantastic idea from a story perspective. But how did you reach that conclusion? There are not many proofs to support that idea.

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