Former Le Sserafim Member Kim Ga Ram Releases a Statement Regarding Her Bullying Controversy

Kim Garam Le Sserafim
Credit: iMBC

Former Le Sserafim member Kim Ga Ram released a statement addressing her bullying scandal on her social media.

The singer started off by stating, “First of all, I would like to apologize for what happened. This is very late, but I didn’t have the chance to speak my position,” and added, “It is true that I was afraid that the dream I was chasing would shatter due to my previous actions. But as days passed, the growing of criticisms made me more afraid.”

She then carefully denied the bullying allegations, saying, “I never hit anyone or inflicted violence on anyone, not once, and I was never forced to transfer schools. I never smoked or drank, and I never bullied or excluded others. Last but not least, I was just a regular student,” and elaborated, “I confronted Yoo to help my friend and ended up cursing at her. Back then, I didn’t think arguing with her was wrong. But now I can see that I was very immature and childish. At the time, I valued friendship and spending time with friends more than anything else. Although I made the wrong decision and mistakes, I don’t want to hate myself for what I’ve done.”

She added, “The two weeks were like a dream for me, and it will be remembered as a time in my life that I will never forget. I will do my best to become a better person, and I will be eternally grateful to my loving and supportive fans.”

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  • True or not, I just hope she can find another way to reach her dreams, and never give up to get her happiness.

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