Park Byeong Eun Talks About What It Was Like Working With Seo Ye Ji and the Tragic Ending of ‘Eve’

eve yoon kyum
eve yoon kyum
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In an interview for the recently concluded drama, Eve, Park Byeong Eun talked about what it was like working with Seo Ye Ji.

Even before the premiere, Eve created a buzz for being Seo Ye Ji’s first comeback project breaking her seven-month hiatus. Park Byeong Eun said that his decision to join the drama was not affected by her appearance in the drama. He shared, “We tried not to bring private matters to light as we got together for a work purpose. I always get nervous before meeting my co-star, wondering how our chemistry and teamwork will be. Seo Ye Ji was always fully ready when she came on sets. I was surprised that she read her script until it got torn and tattered. I was grateful for her hard work and became confident that we could be the best drama pair ever.”

Eve Park Byeong Eun ending
Credit: tvN

The actor added, “I loved how she poured her heart and soul into the project. It was stunning seeing her trying during one of our rehersals, and I think it really helped us to get across those feelings that our characters experience in the show.”

Park Byeong Eun also shared his thoughts on the ending of the show, saying, “I wasn’t told anything about how the show would end, but I had a gut feeling that Kang Yoon Gyeom would die. When the show entered its halfway point, I asked the director about the ending, and he said that my character would die in the end.” The actor laughed and said, “It felt like I was sentenced to death. Yoon Kyeom’s tragic decision broke my heart. Because I felt for him, I wanted to see Rael and Yoon Kyeom together. But I eventually grew fond of the ending because I liked how he took everything with him in the end.”

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