Netflix’s ‘Cyber Hell: Exposing An Internet Horror’ Will Get to the Bottom of the “Nth Room” Case

Netflix Docu Cyber Hell Exposing An Internet Horror
Netflix Docu Cyber Hell Exposing An Internet Horror
Credit: Netflix

The new Netflix documentary Cyber Hell: Exposing An Internet Horror, which uncovers the reality of the so-called Nth Room case that has turned the entire country upside down, confirmed May release.

Cyber Hell: Exposing An Internet Horror (hereinafter Cyber Hell) is a cybercrime tracking documentary that uncovers the reality of crime through interviews with 24 reporters, producers, and police officers who have faced the Nth Room case in person.

The perpetrators of the Nth Room case create their own space in cyberspace with guaranteed anonymity. And in it, unimaginable crimes such as blackmails, illegal transactions using cryptocurrency, and the spread of sexually exploitative videos were carried out under the mask of anonymity.

Netflix Docu Cyber Hell Exposing An Internet Horror
Credit: Netflix

Cyber Hell gets to the bottom of this despicable crime through the interviews of those who have struggled to uncover the truth of the case, including journalists, producers, current affairs show writers, college student group “Flame of the Pursuit,” and officers of the Cyber Bureau.

Director Choi Jin Sung, who has dealt with social phenomena on various themes in works like Steel Cold Winter, helmed the production. “Any Korean audience will know a little about the Nth Room case. But after seeing this documentary, you’ll learn that what you know is just the tip of an iceberg,” he shared,

“The methods these criminals used were far more complex and meticulous than we thought them to be,” he added. “And those who tracked them were also much fiercer and tougher than we pictured them to be.”

Meanwhile, Cyber Hell will be released on Netflix on May 18th.

Source: Netflix

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