‘Soundtrack #1’ Episode 2 Recap: Han So Hee Notices Park Hyung Sik’s Feelings Towards Her

Soundtrack#1 Episode 2
Soundtrack#1 Episode 2
Credit: Disney Plus

Episode 2 of Soundtrack #1 shared a glimpse into Han Sun Woo (played by Park Hyung Sik) and Lee Eun Soo (Han So Hee)’s life after they decided to move in together for two brief weeks.

The latest episode had Sun Woo whispering – “You are driving me crazy” – to Eun Soo who got passed out in his arms. However, she was seen opening her eyes at that very moment, leaving both viewers and Sun Woo in shock. The episode ended with them making breathtaking eye contact with each other.

Soundtrack#1 Episode 2 opens up with the two awkwardly saying hi to each other in the morning. However, they soon go back to how they used to be and discuss what it is like to experience unrequited love for her to write the requested lyrics. While doing so, the two look back on their friendship and share some never-told stories from before.

Later in the episode, Eun Soo takes Sun Woo to meet with the lyricist she has always admired. Sun Woo feels jealous seeing Kang Woo Ill, the lyricist (Kim Ju Hun), around her, and she gets disappointed by his sulky attitude. The two end up getting into an argument because of that but soon make up as they return home together. Just when they are about to enter her house, Eun Soo’s mother shows up and suggests a tarot read for both of them. In doing so, her mother learns how Sun Woo feels about her daughter.

A day after, Eun Soo finds her photos on Sun Woo’s laptop. Although he told her that he had deleted everything, she understands how he feels about her by looking at all the pictures on his computer. The episode closes with Sun Woo entering the room, spotting her in front of his laptop.

Source: Disney Plus

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