Park Hyung Sik Turns into Sweet “Boy” Friend in Disney Plus’s ‘Soundtrack #1’

Park Hyung Sik Soundtrack
Park Hyung Sik Soundtrack
Credit: Disney Plus

Park Hyung Sik has transformed into the perfect “boy” friend every girl dreams of.

Soundtrack #1 is a romance music series about a man and woman who have been friends for 20 years. When these two longtime friends end up living together for two weeks, they gradually begin to realize their feelings for one another. The Crowned Clown and Vincenzo director Kim Hee Won helms the production. At the center of global fans’ interest is Soundtrack #1, starring the two hottest stars in 2022, Park Hyung Sik (Han Sun Woo) and Han So Hee (Lee Eun Soo).

Everyone dreams of a romance where their best friends become their lovers. That romance is the key point of Soundtrack #1. And Park Hyung Sik will complete this hopeful romance even more perfectly.

Park Hyung Sik Soundtrack
Credit: Disney Plus

The photos of Park Hyung Sik released on the 8th further heighten the expectations. The way he dearly looks at his “girl” friend and the way he listens carefully to her herald heart-fluttering moments between the two. The actor will show the sweet and soft side of him, completely different from his charismatic performance shown in his last drama.

On a related note, the production team shared, “In Soundtrack #1, Park Hyung Sik shows the essence of a ‘boy’ friend that seems indifferent but actually had feelings for his old friend. His sweetness and the charms of his character have come together to flutter the hearts of not only his longtime friend but also the female viewers. Please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Soundtrack #1 will be released exclusively on Disney Plus on March 23rd.

Source: Disney Plus

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