‘Rookie Cops’ Episode 5 and 6 Recap: Kang Daniel and Chae Soo Bin Start to Develop Feelings Towards Each Other

Rookie Cops episode 5
Credit: Disney Plus
Rookie Cops episode 5
Credit: Disney Plus

In the 5th and 6th episodes of Rookie Cops, the freshmen candidates in the academy overcome difficult times together. Notably, the new episodes grab the viewer’s attention as Wi Seung Hyun (Kang Daniel) and Go Eun Gang (Chae Soo Bin) start to develop feelings towards each other.

During an exam period at the academy, Wi Seung Hyun witnesses one of the seniors, Pyo Hyun Seok (Kim Seung Ho), cheating on the test. He tries to talk the senior out of it and suggests that he should do as his conscience says. However, Pyo Hyun Seok threatens Seung Hyun instead, jeopardizing his spot at the school. The two eventually get into a fight and things get worse for Seung Hyun, as Hong Yoon Gi (Ahn Do Kyu), a part-time worker, testifies that it was Seung Hyun and Kim Tak (Lee Shin Young) that started the fight. Seung Hyun and Tak soon realize that Yoon Gi was making perjury to protect himself and his family from Hyun Seok, and they successfully persuade Yoon Gi to reveal the truth. All of Pyo Hyun Seok’s wrongdoings are revealed, and he leaves the police academy.

Meanwhile, Wi Seung Hyun and Go Eun Gang start to see each other a little differently. Seung Hyun expresses his cute jealousy and shows more interest in Eun Gang as he pretends not to like her so much. The two are expected to become closer to each other and many are excited to see how their relationship will play out in the next episodes.

Rookie Cops will release two episodes every Wednesday on Disney Plus.

Source: Walt Disney Company Korea

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